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Thursday, February 23, 2012

How Does NFP Work? Iva Explains...

Iva explains how NFP works to remove possible barriers to conception.

This is the third article in a series about Fertility Expert Iva Keene. Iva is coming to Kuwait March 24-29 to meet with couples and to give a public lecture. To book your private consultation, please call: +965 2263 6613.

How does your program work, Iva?

My program works by holistically boosting your egg and sperm quality, resulting in dramatically increased fertility.

It’s a little complicated to explain because maturing an egg and generating sperm requires chemistry and timing as complex as launching a space shuttle, but let me try.

You see, healthy spermatogenisis and oocyte (sperm and egg) formation and maturation requires very specific vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and trace elements for a precise period of time while being protected from certain kinds of toxins in your environment such as heavy metals, foreign hormones and chemicals.

For example, during menstruation, iron and vitamin C should be favored, but when the follicular phase begins, vitamin E, zinc and specific antioxidants need to be taken in precise quantities.

During ovulation, your nutrient requirements change again as B group vitamins and essential fatty acids become vitally important.

Finally, during the luteal phase, specific spices can help your fertilized egg implant properly.

Similarly sperm need different nutrients during each stage of spermatogenesis. For example, vitamin A is important during sperm development in the Sertolli cells. What your body is exposed to during this period of time greatly impacts the quality and shape of the sperm. Vitamin E is needed for immature sperm to mature into strong swimmers and B6 is crucial for testosterone production.

But, thankfully, you don’t need to understand any of this. That’s because I’ll give you easy-to follow steps to improve the cellular health of your reproductive system and, in turn, boost your odds of conception and healthy pregnancy.

For starters, I’ll bring to your attention things you probably never realized are harmful to your fertility. Then I’ll help you pinpoint which of these factors may be impacting your fertility. Finally, I’ll show you how to make simple changes that gives your body exactly what it needs in the right order and at the right time to gently overcome what is preventing you from conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy.

Don’t be surprised when I focus on a range of holistic factors including: foods, nutrition and supplementation, personal care products, household utilities, environmental exposure, lifestyle, sleep, emotions and stress factors.

Over the years, I’ve found that the synergistic combination of these elements at the optimal time is where dramatic results are regularly achieved. It’s not as simple as changing your shampoo or adjusting your diet, but it’s not super difficult, and I’ll make the changes so enjoyable that you’ll love the process and will feel like you’re really taking charge of your pregnancy.

As an added benefit, most couples report never having felt better after following my program for just a few weeks.


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