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BirthKuwait Inagural Gala
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Natural birth experience in Kuwait

Re posted with kind permission from MidwifeofKuwait  

" I am a 27 year old Kuwaiti mother of three girls. All my deliveries have been totally natural, thanks to a long tradition from my mother's side as well as my grand-mother's who was a pioneer in natural birth revival in the 50' in Europe.

My mother was always with me to help me remember the simple rules which help a good delivery; uttering words of remembrance of our creator, keeping the hands and face relaxed and breathing deeply from the diaphragm. This precious information was gathered by my mom in a book called '' Child Birth without Fear" . It explained that the more the mother understands about giving birth, the less fear she will have.

Of course in Kuwait , because of the still prevailing ignorance coupled by standardized hospitals procedures, it is a surprise to the medical teams if you require a "natural birth", They often act like they don't believe you know what you are talking about.

Luckily for me, my 2 children were delivered by a doctor who loves to deliver babies naturally! 
Consequently, my birth experience were just great, naturally unfolding, peacefully progressing through the stages with my mom as my very own ''Doula"

The third baby had a natural birth too thanks to our determination. However, I was "dropped" by my initial obstetrician because she refuse to perform a natural birth, qualifying the idea as a "caveman" one! Nonetheless, my third baby and I enjoyed yet again a beautiful natural birth experience because I had the great fortune to be assisted by a genuine "Doula" as well as my mother! 

My "Doula" was Mrs Zuzana who is a certified midwife. This birth experience was especially great as Mrs Zuzana's experience and talent made my mother and me even more confident thru her nurturing approach and her great wealth of knowledge of massage therapies and other methods for relaxation such as breathing techniques, visualization, vocalization, walking, sitting on a birth ball spending time in Jacuzzi bath.

For my self, I am planning to ask Mrs Zuzana to be with me again for my next delivery and I hope that my story will help convince others to trust in themselves and the beautiful process of natural birth, which is so important to the well being of the little one who comes into this world!"


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