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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kuwait Mom Pregnancy Success with Iva Keene!

Besma Baby ~ after working with Iva Keene in 2010
The second article in a series of articles about Fertility Expert Iva Keenes, coming to Kuwait March 24-29, 2012. 

 Recently, BirthKuwait spoke with one of the mothers who met with Iva in 2010, and is now celebrating life with her new baby girl born last summer.

BIRTHKUWAIT: Why did you originally seek out Iva Keenes services? 

Um Besma: I had been trying to get pregnant for several years, and tried everything conventional medicine had to offer. Nothing was working. My doctor advised I work on improving the health of my eggs to increase my chances - that's when I started researching natural methods. 

BIRTHKUWAIT:  Why did you choose to work with Iva Keene instead of more traditional, medical approaches to fertility (IVF, Clomid and other prescriptions...etc.)?

Um Besma: As explained above, conventional medicine was not working - I did IUI three time, IVF three times. I had 1 miscarriage after IVF, and 2 miscarriages after Clomid.  

BIRTHKUWAIT:  What was the process like, from the first time that you contacted Iva Keene until you conceived? 

Um Besma: It was very much as her program suggests. You must fill in a comprehensive questionnaire that Iva uses to provide you with the fertility analysis. Her book also had so much information - I had an 'AHA' moment and finally was able to understand why I wasn't getting pregnant. The personalized fertility analysis from Iva gives us a clear picture of what changes we need to make in our life style and eating habits to increase our chances of pregnancy. There is also a prescription for high quality supplements. We then followed her advice as well as we could (not 100% but tried our best) for 120 days.  We got pregnant from our first try after the 120 days. During the 120 days and until I delivered Iva was always there to answer any questions and provide her support.

BIRTHKUWAIT: What did your husband think about working with Iva Keene? What does he think now?

Um Besma: He was skeptical, but was willing to try. He won't admit that's why it worked....but he's very happy we've been blessed with a healthy baby girl :) 

BIRTHKUWAIT:  What do you think made the biggest impact on your fertility and eventual success with conception?

Um Besma: It's difficult to say - God only knows really. I guess it’s trying your best at making the necessary changes that will not only improve your chances of getting pregnant, but also your overall health and the health of your baby. I also believe the supplements had a significant impact.  

BIRTHKUWAIT:  What would you want to tell other women in Kuwait struggling with infertility?

Um Besma: Whatever the reason for your infertility problems, Iva's method can help. I understand 120 days seems like an eternity when trying to get pregnant, but it's better than having a miscarriage, or having another failed IVF! Even if you need to do IVF, following the program will increase your chances. And you have nothing to lose!


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