BirthKuwait Inagural Gala

BirthKuwait Inagural Gala
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome to BirthKuwait!

On May 5th, a group of 40+ women met together in Salmiya to discuss the creation of an umbrella organization called BirthKuwait. We wanted mothers and babies in Kuwait to have access to the best information, resources and services available today. By working together, we have created a website that we hope will become the central-hub in Kuwait for information and resources related to conception, pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. 

Founders Meeting in May 2011
BirthKuwait in partnership with our affiliates will host monthly workshops to help mothers become more familiar with resources that are available here in Kuwait and provide opportunities for mothers to learn about what current research tells us about optimal birth, breastfeeding, and mothering practices.

In addition to making resources accessible, we hope to help facilitate future training workshops for doulas, childbirth educators, peer-breastfeeding counselors, and prenatal and postnatal fitness instructors so that women will have access to more resources in Kuwait.

 As a MotherBaby Network (MBNet) organization for the International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative (the IMBCI), BirthKuwait is dedicated to the 10 Steps to Optimal MotherBaby Maternity Practices.  We will do all we can to work towards implementing these steps by advocating for midwifery care and mother baby friendly maternity practices here in Kuwait!

Written By Sarah M Paksima

Co-Founder BirthKuwait


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