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BirthKuwait Inagural Gala
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bringing Baby Home...

Bringing Baby Home...was the topic of the La Leche League meeting today. Approximately 20 mothers, some with bumps and some with babies, gathered together today at the Soor Center to talk, laugh, and share about what mums need to know about life at home with a newborn.

Some mums were still pregnant, some had newborns, and some toddlers. We went around the circle and talked about the good and bad of everything from cots and cribs and slings and snugglies to pillows and pacifiers and breastfeeding apps and bottles.

Throughout the meeting mothers brought up other topics that they were struggling with: going back to work with a breastfeeding baby, transitioning a toddler from mum's bed to a separate bed, essential items in a newborn's diaper bag, nursing successfully with a tongue-tied baby, and what kind of bras are best for a nursing mum.

Mums went away energized, supported, and smiling. That's what I call a success! I hope to see the same and many more mums at the next LLL meeting. Caroline Presber, the LLLKuwait group leader, is trying to start either a second meeting time for working mums or a time that suits all mums together. If you are interested or have questions, please email Caroline at for more information.
New mum brings three week old baby to LLLK meeting, receives gift from JellyBeanz/BirthKuwait. "I couldn't have done it without you!" says mum in reference to the home breastfeeding support she received when baby was four days old.


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