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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fertility: Iva Keenes Journey to Natural Fertility Prescription

(Note: This is the first in a series about Iva Keene (MRepMed, BHSc, BBA, MANPA, MRN, NVS) and the Natural Fertility Prescription. Iva Keene is coming to Kuwait March 24-29, 2012 and will be speaking at a public lecture at the Soor Center on Saturday March 24.)

Iva, how did you develop your approach to fertility, the Natural Fertility Prescription?

"Coming from a family of doctors I trusted the safety of medicine. But a severe hormonal reaction to medication when I was 19 sparked my early interest in alternative healing. Discovering Dr Deepak Chopra’s work (Time magazine’s “poet-prophet of alternative medicine”). I learned how eastern and holistic practitioners view disease as a temporary imbalance and not something to fear.

And so a long journey began. In my twenties I studied natural health sciences in Australia for four years. Taught by world-renowned experts in natural medicine, I learned to treat chronic conditions such as infertility holistically through diet, herbs, supplements and mind/body medicine. Once I saw these techniques work with my own eyes I became obsessed. Devouring knowledge from every authoritative source I could lay my hands on. I attended dozens of seminars by some of the world’s top health researchers. I read over 300 books on natural health, fertility and womens health. I learned about food as medicine, biochemistry, herbal medicine, drug-herb interactions and more. And to put into practice what I’d learned, I opened a clinic in Melbourne soon after graduating.

As you might imagine, In my early clinical days, couples came to me with fertility problems looking for natural therapies. Some were post-IVF and I witnesed the shocking side-effects of injectible fertility drugs. I also saw more and more children with ADHD, asthma, allergies and cognitive developmental problems. While I had early success addressing these problems with what I already knew, I was hungry to hone my approach.

But it was still early days! Over the following years I was fortunate to learn from early world-wide pioneers in preconception care. But I knew pieces of the puzzle were missing. So I devoured every significant book on natural fertility methods from the last 50 years. I tracked down countless research journals and unearthed obscure scientific literature. I discovered little-known clinical studies showing extraordinary results treating fertility naturally.

But the information was fragmented and inaccessible for a busy couple. The studies were written for scientists. The books were were written for practitioners and did not incorporate recent findings. Few were condition specific, or holistic. In short, every approach fell short in some way.

And that’s what led me to develop my all-natural pregnancy program. I designed it to enable couples to solve their fertility issues easily and naturally. You see, I believe pregnancy should be healthy, affordable and natural.

I’ve seen again and again how this empowers couples to get pregnant where before there was only despair. At first I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t more focus on natural infertility treatment alternatives. Then I realized it threatens powerful industries who profit from the enormous cost of conventional fertility treatments. In short the industries who provide the drugs and procedures profit from your disempowerment and your vulnerability. It doesn’t have to be this way… there IS an alternative.

So there you have it. My story in a nutshell. Developed over a 7 year period… NFP brings together (for the first time) cutting-edge knowledge from around the world. It includes my own findings into virtually unknown ways to use sleep to boost your fertility and little-known Ayurvedic and Chinese fertility secrets. And fuses it with the most advanced naturopathic fertility science from around the world. All packaged in a simple system to solve your individual fertility condition. There’s nothing like it."

(Taken from Iva Keene's website: The Natural Fertility Prescription )

To book an appointment with Iva Keene please call: +965 2263 6613 or email

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