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BirthKuwait Inagural Gala
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Role of physiotherapy in improving quality of mothers during pregnancy and after labour and speeding up development of preterm babies

Read a report about BirthKuwait`s free February lecture. Reposted with kind approval of

Yesterday’s birth Kuwait lecture was about the role of physiotherapy in the maternity hospitals by Sawsan A. Khajah, honestly speaking I went into the lecture not knowing what to expect to learn and came out glad that I did attend it because I learnt a lot and it changed by views about AlSabah Hospital.

Here are the main things that I learnt:
1). There are a large number of facilities available in AlSabah Hospital like you would find outside of Kuwait.
2). There are many great doctors who are willing to self educate themselves and look into the latest research to bring you the newest facilities.
3). Nurses at AlSabah hospital do get training every month so that they are able to care for neonates in the proper manner.
4). There is a whole special department that specializes in physiotherapy that will teach a mother who just gave birth what exercises she requires to do after giving birth whether it is normal delivery or caesarean which will help the mother recover more speedily so while she’s at the hospital she will have an exercise plan and after she goes home she will have all the knowledge and tools that she needs to continue a speedy recover at home.
5). They also teach mother who just have given birth breathing techniques and the proper was to sit, lay down and go about their normal activities without causing any harm to their bodies.
6). The abdominal muscles of a mother giving birth stretch so it is very important for a mother to exercise them to avoid hernia which means the medical weakening of the muscles.
7). Mothers are encourages to come visit neonates every day pump milk for them, carry them and even talk to their loved ones. A mother’s milk comes in 3 stages, the first is called colostrum it is high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and the all-important antibodies that help protect your baby from environmental illness. Then it’s transitional milk which contains high levels of fat, lactose, and vitamins to help the baby regain any weight lost after birth. Finally, its mature milk, 90 % water and the other 10 % is made of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, which are necessary for both growth and energy.
8). Neonates need to be in an environment just as their mothers, everything affects them in a bad way, light, sound, positioning. All these things can lead to having a higher heart rate, lower oxygen saturation, blood pressure and unnecessary body movement.
9). They also have a clinic which follows up with neonates as soon as they are ready to go home.
One thing which I love about Birth Kuwait lectures is that after the lecture we the audience along with the experts in their fields gets to have a discussion and talk about the things related to the subject.
I was really shocked to find out that less than 50 percent of mothers come to visit their babies when their in the neonate. They didn’t want to tell me thing piece of information but I insisted. I can’t understand how someone wouldn’t visit their own baby, their own flesh and blood everyday if not spend long hours with them.
Another thing that we came to an agreement about is that even though AlSabah hospital has many excellent facilities and amazing doctors, some of the other doctors aren’t very friendly and welcoming making it a difficult place for women to give birth in.
A big thank you to Birth Kuwait for the amazing network that they offer with great lectures and access to services, if you haven’t followed them on instragram their account is @birthkuwait or visit their website here where you can also download the full presentation and learn more about the lecture.


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