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BirthKuwait Inagural Gala
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

December BirthKuwait`s free lecture about brestfeeding

Read a report about our December free lecture about Breastfeeding. This article is reposted with kind approval from

Birth Kuwait Lecture on Breastfeeding

by Yahalooo on December 3, 2012
It’s nice to know that there is a non-profit organization in Kuwait that supports Mothers during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. To be honest, I did not know what to expect when I went into this lecture because usually non-profit organizations don’t present informative lectures but this organization did an amazing job. The lecture was full or useful information, people were interacting with the speakers & learning from each other and most importantly it was a place with a very positive atmosphere with people of different specializations that supported and encouraged you as a mother to breastfeed your baby.
This weeks lecture was by Dr. Alia Abdin who is a pediatrician and a member of the IBCLC which means, she is a lactation consultant and can help you a lot with any problem you face breastfeeding. She was supported by Dr. Mona Alsumaie who is also a pediatrician and a member of the IBCLC.
Dr. Alia explained the benefits of breast milk in comparison to formula, she also talked about how formula is made and its negative effects on babies. Likewise she explained the benefits and miracles of breast milk. She also talked about the proper way to breastfeed, common problems women face while breastfeeding and how to maintain a high level of milk supply while you’re breastfeeding.

Dr. Alia explaining how breast milk is produced and the importance of hormones.

Did you know that when your baby is one day old they only need 5 ml to 7 ml of milk per a feeding. She explained to us exactly how much milk your baby needs up to the age of 1 month.

Dr. Alia explaining the right way and wrong way to breastfeed. She also said if you breastfeed the wrong way that could mean your baby is not getting any milk. She also showed us the right way using a toy doll which was useful.
She gave us along with Dr. Mona a lot of useful advice for the pregnant women who would like to start breastfeeding their babies and things that they need to do at hospital while giving birth to ensure that their babies can have a healthy method of breastfeeding.
Some important things to do:
1). Tell the nurses and your doctor not to feed your baby formula
2). Keep telling the nurses and doctors you want to breastfeed
3). Make sure you baby remains with you most of the time to ensure that he or she is breastfeed
4). Never give up and believe that you can.
5). Breastfeeding is linked to hormones, you have to want to to increase the hormonal level so that you’re able to breastfeed.

This was too cute and also represents the attitude of everyone there, positive about breastfeeding.
What I loved was even though we started a bit late, they finished the lecture on time and the floor was open for questions and those who wanted to leave could although no-one did because they were all interested in the topic. Once they had noticed that there were a lot of questions, they asked people to e-mail them their questions and promised to answer them during the next session.
Dr. Mona and Dr. Alia left at 10:15 PM as they were busy helping all the people that had questions which needed to be answered. 


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