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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

December Movie Night at BirthKuwait

 Read a report about Movie Night at BirthKuwait. This event took place in December and was about breastfeeding.
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Movie Night at Birth Kuwait

by Yahalooo on December 24, 2012
Even though it’s called Movie Night, the movie part of it isn’t too long. It was about 15 minutes of a documentary that was about breastfeeding.
The amazing thing is that the documentary showed evidence that when a mother gives birth naturally without being medicated her new born has the ability to crawl from his mothers stomach up to her breast and start feeding on their own without help of others. On the other hand the babies that were born by mothers who were given medication like an epidural their newborns were unable to feed on their own and needed a lot of help to be able to breastfeed from their mothers because of the medication which was given to their mothers while giving birth. So, dear mama if you would like your baby to breastfeed easily then you’re going to have to give birth the hard way but don’t be discouraged. It is possible for you to breastfeed if you give birth while you’re medicated it’ll be a little harder though.
Dr. Alia Abdin (who is a pediatrician and a member of the IBCLC which means, she is a lactation consultant and can help you a lot with any problem you face breastfeeding) continued her lecture on breastfeeding explaining techniques to extract milk and how to handle it once extracted when it comes to storage and re-warming of the milk.
She also explained a new technique called Kangaroo for premature babies which they have started applying in Kuwait in some hospitals and have been receiving positive feedback so far.
Look at all the prizes from JellyBeanz, Twins and Siblings and finally Oleana Boutique! They prizes were given away to those who answered questions correctly first on the instagram account of @birthkuwait and there where a few door prizes as well which you can win by attending and writing your name on a forum so you could enter a raffle.
Some of the happy winners receiving their prize from Heba, one of the founding members of Birth Kuwait. This prize is from one of my favorite shops Twins and Siblings which is located in Layla Gallery. They have very unique products which you can’t find elsewhere especially for premature babies. Follow them on instagram at @twinsandsiblings
Jellybeanz Kuwait is another unique shop that have their website online which you can visit here or you could follow them on instagram at @jellybeanzkwt , I love their gift sets and just the small little accessories which you never think of but when you get them, they make your life so much more easier.
Finally Oleana Boutique which also have a shop online which you can visit here and their instagram account is @oleana_boutique. I love the baby clothes which this shop offers since they have one of our favorite brands, Emile et Rose which I haven’t seen anywhere other than in their shop. They also offer a range of unique items, especially for the expecting mamas.
We advise parents and expecting couples to have a look at these shops to see what it available in the Kuwaiti market before they start their baby shopping and if you’ve already done your baby shopping we’re sure you’ll find some useful items in these shops which you never considered purchasing.
Another very informative, interactive and fun event from Birth Kuwait, well done. I’m still a fan.


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