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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All about Blooma Prenatal Yoga

Read all about Blooma Prenatal Yoga School and their Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course which took place in January:
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"BirthKuwait, in cooperation with RanaFit, is bringing trainers from Blooma Studio’s in the USA for a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certifying Workshop January 10-13, 2013. We asked BirthKuwait to tell us a little bit more about this training workshop.
To learn more about the program, it’s summarized in this short video which was made by one of the creators of the program.
Why should a yoga trainer take Blooma Teacher Training program specifically in comparison to other programs?
“Firstly, Blooms is one of only SIX studios certified by Yoga Alliance to train prenatal yoga teachers and to offer the Yoga Alliance certification. There has never been a prenatal yoga certifying training course in Kuwait before! We have people flying in from throughout the Gulf and as far away as South Korea to attend this course because it is not available in very many places and in high demand.
Secondly, Blooma trains instructors on how to conduct an entire group prenatal class. This format is so unique that it sets Blooma apart from all other prenatal yoga studios. Their “basic” yoga routine mimics labor- helping moms prepare for labor (starting out slow and building to a climax like transition and birth, and then easing off into restful bliss as you recover with your baby). Teachers learn to help mothers find their inner strength and intuition in preparation for labor.”

Happy mothers doing the program.

And they have succeeded in doing the program.
How long is the course? What’s the next step?
“The course is a four day training course and is 45 hours towards a Yoga Alliance certification. After the first training course, participants will be certified by Blooma to teach prenatal yoga; there is an advanced course available through Blooma as well that will make the participant Yoga Alliance Prenatal Yoga Certified (so different certifying bodies- the first by Blooma directly, the second from Yoga Alliance).”
Since you are a trained professional, what is your experience with the course?
“I did the training myself two years ago- with the background as a doula and childbirth educator. Being able to offer prenatal yoga as a service to the moms that I interact with has been the most popular service I have to offer. It also has helped me to bring physical comfort to expectant moms who are experiencing pregnancy related discomforts, and encouraged emotional bonding and connection for moms and their babies. Most moms say they have their best night of sleep after class, and that it’s the only time during their day that they have to focus their babies and mentally preparing for labor. They love it!”
And once again, a very big thank you and shout out to the lovely Sara Paksima for sharing all this important information and providing the pictures for this article.


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